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Random Dad Memories: Denim Overalls, Boxing Gloves and the Living Will of Valparaiso

by Rashid Moore

Denim overalls. When not in the courtroom practicing law as a defense lawyer, Dad loved wearing denim overalls, like his carpenter father before him. He wore them most weekends, fixing things around the house, hammers and wrenches and screwdrivers hanging from his waist. Although the carpentry gene sadly skipped a generation in my case, I started wearing overalls and sandals in high school as part of my counter-culture rebellion against the white-suited disco dancer wannabees at my school. I wore overalls for the first few years at the university, even during a study abroad year in France. By the time I was a young university professor teaching in Kuala Lumpur with my Malaysian wife, I had long since stopped wearing them. Forgot about them entirely, really, until the day my Dad came to visit us in Malaysia after the birth of his first grandchild. In Dad’s suitcase was his well-worn, paint-speckled denim overalls and a tiny set for his grandson. He insisted on a studio p…

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